Kate basel wake and funaral.

Katie Basel Wake

Katie Basel Funeral



Sermons by (Dwayne Wipf)

The Promised Lamb 12/11/22

Thanksgiving 11/27/22
A Man of Character (Deacon) 10/30/22

(The spirtual analogy of the Three little pigs.) 10/23/22 in Altona

God’s work in His people,suffering purifies. 8/21/22

(The characteristics of God.) (series)





The characteristics of a renewed heart

 (Armor of God)

(The Faithfulness of God)

 (Are we trusting God)



(For they shall be called the Children of God)

(Abraham giving up Isaac)

( Obed-Edom and David)

(Headship Veiling)

Daniel a Man of Prayer

Matthew 7

Who Are Your Friends?

The Joy of God Over His People

Hope and Despair

Obedience Or Disobedience

Salvation and Good Works

Law Grace or Liberal

Is God our Father?

Fruit Good or Bad

(Husband and Wife) A Fulfilled Marriage


Sermons by (Gary Wurtz)

Christmas Message

I Gave People for You]

Little Foxes

No Turning Back

Do We Think We Are Better Than Others?

The Kingdom Government

The Birth of Christ

Sermons by (Leonard Wurtz)

 ( The Body)

 ( The power of the Lords presence)
( Practical Christianity )

Paul to the Corinthians

Staying Pure in a Wicked World

 ( The Body)

( The power of the Lords presence)

Sermons by (Moses Wurtz) 

 When Jesus says Follow Me

Who is God and Who is Man

To God be the Glory

 ( Be Ye Watchful )

 ( Reconciliation )

Misc Speakers

The Shout of a King (Dean Taylor)

Leadership (Dean Taylor)

Giant Killer (Dean Taylor)

Joseph a man of Caracter. (Hank Wurtz)
The Conscience (Alvin Wurtz)
Meekness (Alvin Wurtz)

 Gird up your loins/call to holiness and love ( John Wollman )

The church in trial  ( Samuel Wollman)