Contact Us

We love to meet new people and hear from old friends.

Writing Elmendorf by standard mail:

Elmendorf Christian Community
Attn: Visitor Center
42668 600th Ave.
Mountain Lake, MN

If the Spirit of Jesus leads you into further contact and fellowship with us, if you find our vision to be your vision of the Kingdom of Heaven, you may write to us and ask to be put on the list.

Calling Elmendorf

All families living in our community have telephones. If you wish to speak with one of us, please introduce yourself, and we will arrange a good time and number for you to call.

Visiting Elmendorf

Our policy is that first-time visitors to our community should come for two days or less.

Before coming, you must write or call so we may prepare a place for you, and arrange a time when nothing interferes with us giving you our undivided attention.

We encourage you to read the “Visiting our Community” article on this site, before coming to see us. It will make it easier for both you and us to get the most out of our time together.


You can contact us at