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JESUS set out with twelve men to save the world.

Women followed Jesus. Children came to him. The blind, the handicapped, the poor, the lonely, men and women sick of sin and trouble, those oppressed by Satan, the helpless, the vulnerable, a tax collector, young people, tough fishermen, a few educated and wealthy people, sons of thunder and crowds of curious, interested, and needy people like you and me found a friend in Jesus.

Jesus loved them. He told them what they needed to know. He brought them together.

Jesus let his enemies kill him, but only to live in a new way. Now he lives among us. We live with him as we live one with another in his Spirit.

Jesus lived, he died, and he lives again, to bring us together and bring us to him. Jesus picks up broken pieces, crushed kernels and bruised grapes, to put them back together. To give them new life in the new bread and new wine of life in him.

Jesus wants to rescue and heal as much and as many of the world as possible. So do we.

That is why we live together at  Elmendorf Christian Community in Minnesota.